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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

My Exciting Experience On One Sunday.

My Team Building Gang from Manufacturing Engineering.

Dear bloggers and friends, on Sunday 23 January 2010, I had my exciting time by attended a team building program organized by Renesas Semiconductor (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd (RSM), multinational company that I’m working with. I’m very happy to share some experience together and I’m glad that being chosen amount thousands of employees in RSM to attend this motivational program.

I started early around 7.15 am and meet Mr Johri and Mr Rizal near Tesco Gelugor. Headed straight to Bay View Resort. I was the first participant to register and this is my way to attend any important program punctually. That morning at 9.00 am out of 33 participants that committed to attend only 11 gentlemen surrender their Sunday valuable time here. I really respect those who turned up to the program that day. Some of us were surely busy with other commitment whether own career, family or community.

Aya Cik Siti game.

For me personally, I was looking forward to this program. Firstly, I wanted to explore and learn new things. Secondly, I was expecting good time together with my fellow friends. Thirdly this opportunity is shouldn’t be avoided since I can’t effort by my own.

Our first game that morning after briefing session was ‘The ECDU’ (egg, chicken, dinosaur & ultimate). An ice breaking game that removed our status and put them to the same level. Playing like a kid’s game but the effect is surely very effective to break burier between human being. Egg is the losing one and ultimate is the winning side. Sorry I can’t tell you everything and how the game played because it will benefit you later and it will be more fun if you have our own opportunity.
A lots or discussion involved. All giving their practical ideas.

Next games were ‘The Long Rope’, followed by ‘The sighted and the unsighted’, ‘Moon Ball’ and finally ‘The spider web’. For every games played there will be a discussion session to explore all possible benefits found.

This team building program make us change our perception to be more positive in life. All rules and instructions made are for the benefit us. If you have the opportunity please don’t miss it.

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